Jennifer Egan & Susan Choi

Episode Summary

Haven't written your masterpiece during quarantine? You're in prize-winning company.

Episode Notes

Are you having trouble staying focused? Listen in on Jennifer Egan and Susan Choi as they explore productivity in the time of Covid, luck, how to outline a story, beginnings and endings, and one of Amanda's very favorite pieces of writing: the PowerPoint chapter in Egan's Pulitzer-winning A Visit from the Goon Squad.


Episode Credits:

This episode was produced by Andrew Dunn, Beau Friedlander and Amanda Stern. It was mixed and sound-designed by Andrew Dunn who also created Bookable's chill vibe.  Our host is Amanda Stern. Beau Friedlander is Bookable's executive producer and editor in chief of Loud Tree Media. 



"Books that Bounce" by Rufus Canis, "Different Strokes" by Jupyter, "Uni Swing Vox" by Rufus Canis.